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Smooth round pebbles crunch underfoot, glossy and dark; they slip with each step. My hands are pulled deep into my dark hooded sweatshirt in an effort to stave off the cold. Each exhale produces a cloud of warm vapor; each inhale chills. Standing at the mouth of Deception Pass I watch the sun disappear below the horizon. The deepening of the sky follows its journey into the underworld. Yellows bleed into crimsons. Crimsons settle to a royal purple, before plunging into the indigo black darkness of the night sky.

The water silently passing reflects the stars. Galaxies are made and destroyed in the whirling currents. Time stretches in my mind. This moment is eternity. Closing my eyes my mind reaches out to touch the horizon. I feel my body lengthen, stretching out over the water touching the swirling waters.  Looking up I feel the sky. A breeze caresses my skin. Opening my eyes, I smile.

The moon is rises behind me. Its sepia light casts an ancient glow to the dark conifers. The walk back carries the weight of mystery. Salt-encrusted driftwood glitters like the frost of Yuletide morning. Shadows grow dark, gateways to the Faye. I can feel a change in the air as you step in the shadow of the great pines. Damp earth sinks cradling my steps. Moonlight filters through boughs, needles, and leaves. The sharp edges of starlight have been filtered out, leaving only soft earthly darkness.

Hours from now I will be far from here. Speeding through city lights, looking for the stars in an industrial sky. The orange glow off of low-lying clouds will obscure any trace of the celestial bodies. Wet, black, pavement will twist under my tires. I will be further from the quiet, and yet, I know the wild grows through the cracks in the machines.

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